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Complete Digital Car Buy Year Away, Says Cox Automotive Exec (WardsAuto, April 18)

Border Tax Idea Isn't Dead Yet, Execs Warn (Automotive News, April 17)

What to Do About Cars? (Automotive News, April 17)

Auto Industry Ready to Fight GOP's Border Tax (Detroit Free Press, April 16)

Mood in New York: Cautious Optimism (Automotive News, April 16)

Automakers Voice Opposition to Republican Border Adjustment Tax Plan (Detroit Free Press, April 15)

Automakers Speak Out Against GOP's Border Adjustment Tax (Detroit Free Press, April 14)

Video: AutoNation’s Mike Jackson Shares Views on Auto Retailing at NADA/J.D. Power Forum (NADA, April 14)

Toyota: Full Self-Drive Is a Long Way Off (, April 13)

Automakers to Feed SUV Craze with Small to Large Utes (The Detroit News, April 12)

Ford Keeps Its Eyes on the Road Despite Tesla’s Passing It (The Wall Street Journal, April 12)

Why the Auto Industry Is On the Brink of a Decline (Fortune, April 12)

Trump's Border Tax Initiative Might Be Hitting A Slump (Carscoops, April 12)

Hinrichs on Tesla Market Cap: Markets Can Be 'Irrational' (Automotive News, April 11)

Meeting Trump Investment Demands Tricky But Possible, Ford Exec Says (WardsAuto, April 11)

Five Key Indicators That Worry the Auto Industry (USA Today, April 11)

Toyota Exec: Industry to Catch Up on Trucks (WardsAuto, April 11)

Incentives Will Hit $4K Per Car, Cut Profits, Analyst Predicts (Automotive News, April 11)

Automakers Aim to Strike Deal with EPA, Calif. Over 2025 Emissions Targets (Reuters, April 11)

Toyota Says the U.S. Auto Market Has Peaked (Bloomberg)

Auto Industry: Trump Will Mend, Not End, MPG Mandate (The Detroit News, April 11)

Trump's Border Tax Loses Momentum -- Maybe (Automotive News, April 11)

Tesla's Valuation Is ‘Inexplicable’: AutoNation CEO (Bloomberg, April 11)

Tesla Value ‘Inexplicable,’ Says AutoNation CEO (The Wall Street Journal, April 11)

Falling Used-Car Prices Could Hurt New Sales, Analyst Warns (Automotive News, April 11)

AutoNation CEO: Tesla As a 'Ponzi Scheme' or It'll 'Work Out' (USA Today, April 11)

Q1 Saw U.S. Auto Industry’s Red Flags Still Waving (WardsAuto, April 11)

Economists Say Auto Sales Growth Has Hit Plateau (Motor Trend, April 11)

IHS Chief Economist Says Border Tax 'Basically Dead' (TheStreet, April 11)

Here's What the Average New Car Costs (, April 11)

Ford's Hinrichs Watching, Not 'Worried' Over, Off-Lease Volume (Auto Remarketing, April 11)

AutoNation CEO Says Tesla's Valuation Is 'Inexplicable' (CNBC, April 11)

Video: Tesla 'Inexplicable,' AutoNation CEO Says (AutoNews Now, April 11)